Open source code

I maintain and contribute to a number of open source projects.

42 NPM modules

appleseed 0.1.3 A lightweight implementation of the Elm data model using javascript
custom-event-polyfill 0.3.0 Polyfill for creating CustomEvents on IE9/10/11 if native implementation is missing.
date-grab 0.1.1 Functional wrapper for getting date properties
dopl 0.2.0 Use dopl to make a new directory based on a template directory. Processes each file through mustache and provides filename template strings.
formi 0.4.0 Functional Programming API
functional-predicates 0.1.0 Library for creating common predicates.
fuzzy-rucksack 1.0.3 tools for fuzzy-chainsaw
gates 0.1.2 Functional logic gates / combinators
hookie 0.1.1 Simple function lifecycle hooks
kombini 0.1.0 interface for creating mixins
komposit 0.1.1 For creating functional compositions
kondico 0.2.1 Functional conditions and compositions.
listento-emitter 0.1.2 Mixin for event-emitter inversion of control listen functions
message-bank 1.0.5 Subscribable message bank
metalsmith-batch-dom 0.1.3 Processes HTML pages and modifies dom elements.
metalsmith-external-links 0.1.2 Processes HTML pages, marking external links.
metalsmith-hierarchy 0.1.0 Metalsmith plugin that adds hierarchy information to file metadata.
metalsmith-relativity 0.1.1 Metalsmith plugin that adds relativity path metadata to files
metalsmith-rewrite 0.1.2 Renames a glob of files using string patterns and file metadata.
mutators 0.2.0 Mixin for get/set object behavior
npm-module-boilerplate 1.0.3 Boilerplate for creating a npm/browserify module.
object-contains 0.1.0 Predicate function checking if haystack object contains needle object
postcss-import-webpack-resolver 1.0.1 creates a resolve function for postcss-import with webpack
rogain 0.1.0 HTML template tree parser and renderer
rogain-component-each 1.1.0 Rogain <Each /> helper component
rogain-component-frame 1.0.0 Rogain <Frame /> helper component
rogain-component-if 1.1.0 Rogain <If /> helper component
rogain-config 0.3.0 Rogain configuration utility
rogain-core-components 1.1.0 Core components for Rogain templates.
rogain-core-helpers 0.2.3 Core helpers for Rogain templates.
rogain-parser 0.6.0 Rogain parser that converts html templates into rogain trees
rogain-registry 0.1.0 Rogain module registry
rogain-render-string 0.3.0 Render Rogain trees into html using string concatination.
rogain-resolve-tree 0.4.0 Resolve rogain tree with given data into simple dom tree.
rogain-tree-utils 0.2.1 Rogain tree utilities
rogain-utils 0.2.3 Rogain utilities
rogainify 0.2.1 Rogain template browserify transform.
rogulp 0.1.3 Rogain gulp helpers
scale-unit 1.1.0 A module for scaling measurements in javascript.
static-generator-webpack-plugin 3.1.2 Minimal, unopinionated static site generator powered by webpack
statum 0.1.2 Simple state machines
struck 0.5.9 Simple event-driven, extendable objects

117 Github repositories

il7/atlas JavaScript
agnomen JavaScript Release name generator.
appleseed JavaScript
Backbone.Tendon JavaScript Backbone.Tendon is a small set of Backbone objects to quickly get off the ground.
bind-box JavaScript A box full of strategies for binding objects of all sorts
Bobsled JavaScript html5/css based slider
choppin-broccoli CSS Broccoli based build stuffs
coat html needs a coat
consolidate.js JavaScript Template engine consolidation library for node.js
contact-card CSS Need a new pair of shoes.
custom-event-polyfill JavaScript Polyfill for creating CustomEvents on IE9/10/11 if native implementation is missing.
date-grab JavaScript Functionally grab properties of a date object
dopl JavaScript A tool for making a copy of a copy of a copy
dotfiles JavaScript User dotfiles
dropasaur JavaScript tiny jquery plugin for extending drop down and menu behavior.
elm-adventures Elm Let's explore the elm tree. CSS Precision Machines 'Falling Sun' album release website.
fe-component JavaScript Iron. A front-end component module.
fe-task-styles JavaScript
Fireplate Boilerplate for Ember based applications
Formi JavaScript Functional API for javascript.
functional-predicates JavaScript Library for creating common predicates.
functional-ui-programming Maybe it's a book on functional ui programming
fuzzy-rucksack JavaScript Tools for fuzzy-chainsaw
ganglion JavaScript A server full of data.
ganglion-amyx JavaScript Ganglion collector
ganglion-licklider JavaScript Ganglion socket server
gates JavaScript Logic gates
goober-schnitzel JavaScript Okay
gulo Views built with code instead of configurations.
hairy-machete JavaScript
hogan.js JavaScript A compiler for the Mustache templating language
hookie JavaScript Simple function lifecycle hooks
how-to-front-end Let's learn to front end
Kask A command interface
kerno JavaScript A core event object to be extended further
kombini JavaScript mixin interface
komposit JavaScript For creating functional compositions
Kondico JavaScript Functional conditions and compositions.
lastfm-data Elm Datascrunger
listento-emitter JavaScript ListenTo helper mixin for any object conforming to EventEmitter interface.
lodgepool Elm Super secret development in plain view.
melvisualizer JavaScript Visualize books without words.
message-bank JavaScript Subscribable message store.
metalsmith-batch-dom JavaScript Processes HTML pages and modifies dom elements using config or functional api.
metalsmith-external-links JavaScript Automatically links headed to an external destination.
metalsmith-hierarchy JavaScript Metalsmith plugin that adds hierarchy information to file metadata.
metalsmith-relativity JavaScript Metalsmith plugin that adds relativity path metadata to files.
metalsmith-rewrite JavaScript Renames a glob of files using string interpolation with file metadata or a function.
mutators JavaScript mixin for get/set object behavior
new-machine-checklist Let's make a nice build environment
Northplate Ruby Boilerplate code for Compass/Sass-based sites using SMACSS-style approach.
npm-module-boilerplate JavaScript Boilerplate for creating a npm/browserify module.
object-contains JavaScript Predicate function checking if haystack object contains needle object
Open-Remix Remix all the things!
Patchbay JavaScript Web components built on top of Struck.
postcss-import-webpack-resolver JavaScript Custom resolve function for using postcss-import with webpack
postcss-pipeline-webpack-plugin JavaScript A webpack plugin to process generated assets with PostCSS pipeline
reflecto JavaScript Reflect components every which way
resume JavaScript Software Engineer focused on Javascript and User Experience.
ripeto-binding-self Repeat object binding 'self' strategy for binding to current object context.
ripeto-bindings Repeat object binding strategies
ripeto-coreobj JavaScript Repeatable core object
ripeto-store JavaScript Repeat data store
ripeto-view JavaScript Repeat view object
rogain JavaScript HTML template tree parser and renderer.
rogain-component-children JavaScript Rogain <Children /> helper component
rogain-component-defined JavaScript Rogain <Defined /> helper component
rogain-component-each JavaScript Rogain <Each /> helper component
rogain-component-else JavaScript Rogain <Else /> helper component
rogain-component-empty JavaScript Rogain <Empty /> helper component
rogain-component-frame JavaScript Rogain <Frame /> helper component
rogain-component-if JavaScript Rogain <If /> helper component
rogain-component-range JavaScript Rogain <Range /> helper component
rogain-component-slot JavaScript Rogain <Slot /> helper component
rogain-component-unless JavaScript Rogain <Unless /> helper component
rogain-config JavaScript
rogain-core-components JavaScript Core library of components Rogain templates.
rogain-core-helpers JavaScript Rogain core template helpers
rogain-parser JavaScript Parser that converts html templates into json trees
rogain-registry JavaScript Rogain module registry.
rogain-render-string JavaScript Render regain tree to string.
rogain-resolve-tree JavaScript Resolves a rogain tree into a simple dom tree using a json object.
rogain-tree-utils JavaScript Utilities for manipulating and traversing Rogain trees.
rogain-utils JavaScript Utilities for Rogain.
rogainify JavaScript Rogain browserify transform.
rogulp JavaScript Rogain gulp plugins.
s-expression-primer A primer for Lisp-style S-expressions for those familiar with C-family languages.
scale-unit JavaScript A simple tool for sensibly working with css measurements in javascript.
Separator.js JavaScript A simple library for hooking data to an interface.
Stata JavaScript State Machines for javascript
static-generator-webpack-plugin JavaScript Minimal, unopinionated static site generator powered by webpack
statum JavaScript Simple state machines
Stoplight JavaScript Stoplight is a Javascript Form Validation class that takes advantage of HTML data attributes to provide live form validation.
Struck JavaScript Simple event-driven, extendable javascript objects.
stumptown-bear CSS Stumptown Bear Portfolio
Stumptown-Bear-v7 JavaScript Stumptown Bear prototype number 7
stumpy-eleven Vue stumptown bear version eleven
Tenplate JavaScript Boilerplate project for Backbone.Tendon based applications.
Toolkit.js JavaScript
top-gear-data JavaScript lap time scraper and hopefully dataviz.
touchscroll JavaScript Adds a touchscroll event to the dom that fires scroll events more precisely on touch devices.
turbo JavaScript A demo using git components
turbo-components JavaScript
turbo-react JavaScript It's a thing
turbo-styleguide JavaScript Demo styleguide using turbo components.
ui-coverage JavaScript Website for testing that HTML components are styled.
Uni JavaScript Uni is a runner and composer of state machines
unicorn.js JavaScript A judgmental pony that runs functions conditionally.
web Go The easiest way to create web applications with Go
web-boilerplate JavaScript Frontend boilerplate for building static websites. Automates many common development tasks.
webpack-adventure JavaScript Let's go a packing
wiki-locations JavaScript Crawler grabbing location data from wikipedia graph
Zoetrope JavaScript Javascript plugin for creating galleries that repeat endlessly. Supports snapping, touch, and paginated navigation.