Evan Krambuhl

Software engineer focused on Javascript and User Experience. Interested in application architecture, build tooling, and design systems.

Work Experience

February 2018presentContract


  • Developed websites for integration with Sitecore and other CMS
  • Refined development tools for component based websites

January 2018presentContract

Blue Jack StudioDeveloper

  • Developed web applications using React, GraphQL, and Next.js
  • Integrate with Wordpress API and various tooling endpoints

October 2017April 2018

Cloud FourFront End Developer

  • Developed Progressive Web Apps using Vue.js and Nuxt
  • Backwards engineer applications with loosely defined features or request
Applications:VS Code

March 2016September 2017

Connective DXSenior Software Engineer

  • Developed websites using Vanilla ES6 and React for integration with AEM and Sitecore
  • Defined and kept developer best practices up-to-date
  • Developed open-source build tools, focused on component based development using React
  • Mentored Interns and Jr. Frontend Developers

June 2015February 2016Contract

CLEAResultSenior Front End Developer

  • Converted Drupal installations into static websites using the Metalsmith generator
  • Updated older website to support responsive behavior
  • Setup Apache SOLR servers for Single Page application search
Integrations:Apache SOLR

October 2014April 2015Contract

TrimetProduct Designer and Application Developer

  • Redesigned, developed, and user-tested the new responsive Trimet.org trip tools
  • Interviewed riders to better undestand the problems users were experiencing
  • Designed new visual language that would better support responsive displays
  • Developed a Single Page Application using Backbone and the Trimet API services
Technologies:Javascript ES6Babel
Integrations:Trimet Web Services

September 2013September 2014

John McNeil StudioWeb Technologist

  • Launched a sales application for tablets using Phonegap, Parse.js, and Backbone
  • Defined and kept developer best practices up-to-date
  • Acted as project lead with other developers and designers
  • Created web boilerplate that Developers used to kickstart project
Applications:Sublime Text 3

November 2013January 2014Contract

UV LabsUI Designer

June 2013September 2013Contract

Little BirdWeb Developer

  • Developed a HTML and CSS based design system
  • Implement new features on the Little Bird product
  • Created HTML email marketing that increased user engagement
Integrations:ERB TemplatesClojure

February 2013Contract

The BrigadeFront End Developer

  • Developed simple data visualization for a Spotify microsite

May 2012May 2013

WebtrendsInteractive Designer

  • Developed prototype data-visualiztions using Webtrends Streams – presented during Engage 2013 keynote
  • Developed social data Dashboards using HTML, CSS, D3, and Raphael
  • Designed data dashboard to harmonize with Brand design guidelines
Integrations:RubyRuby on Rails

October 2012January 2013Contract

CarbonProduct Designer

October 2012December 2012Contract

CitizenWireframe Designer

September 2010February 2011Contract

Natalie Reneé MusicWeb Developer


July 2008September 2008Contract

Southridge High SchoolWeb Designer & Developer